Best Socks for Inline Skating on Jun-2023 [Men’s, Women’s & Kids]

Hope you are all doing fine. Today I like to write about the best socks for inline skating. If you love inline skating, then this article is very much important for you. It is very difficult to find people who don’t love inline skating. Because it is a very enjoyable game and time pass. If you want to enjoy your inline skating game, then you must make them more comfortable.

A pair of socks is very much essential for this game. Without a pair of good socks, you can’t feel comfortable. Socks are very important to make your inline skating injury-free, comfortable and enjoyable. It is important to understand that, all types of socks or your regular socks won’t be able to make you perfect while inline skating.

There have some differences between regular socks and inline skating socks. Regular socks are not designed to using for skating. That means if you intend to use your regular socks for inline skating then you are totally gone wrong. Because regular socks can make create pain, blisters bad smells, and rashes on your feet.

Please don’t worry if you feel unsafe, because this article is only for you. I know you love inline skating and we respect your habit. That’s why I like to provide some important information to you that will be very much helpful for you so you can enjoy your skating without making any harm to your feet.


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Best Socks for Inline Skating Reviews of 2023

1. M MONFOOT Athletic Cushioned Running Performance Crew Socks for Men & Women (Best socks for aggressive skating)


M MONFOOT Athletic Cushioned Running Performance Crew Socks for Men & Women (Best socks for aggressive skating) Check Latest Price


Do you love to do aggressive skating? Then I have a great skating sock for you. M MONFOOT 8 Pairs Athletic Cushioned Running Performance Crew Socks are one of the best socks for aggressive skating.

These 8 Pairs of crew socks are also great for running, playing, and more. These athletic cushioned crew socks offer different types of useful features to the wearer.

Feature at a Glance

Soft and Light Blend

A blend of 98% Polyester, and 2% Spandex materials is used to make this sock. The blend of those materials makes soft and comfortable socks for the skaters. If you love to do aggressive skating then you should open socks that offer cushioned and soft feelings to your feet.


Durability is a must for skating socks because they will tolerate a huge number of impacts. If the socks are not durable then your feet will not secure on them. These M MONFOOT Athletic Crew Socks are enough durable and make you safe while skating, running, or doing any other type of indoor or outdoor activities.


Every step of these socks is monitored by the in-house professional sock designer. So, they are the most reliable socks ever for different activities for both men and women. You can trust the quality and workmanship.


I hope you need a pair of socks that will provide you support while skating. These socks are very much supportive of your feet. They are designed with arch support that keeps your feet stable and balanced over time.


As you already know that this sock is made from a blend of 98% Polyester, and 2% Spandex materials. The sole is also designed with ultra-soft cushions that enhance athletic performance. You will feel soft and well-cushioned on your footbed.

Moisture Management

It also features a Run Dry Moisture Control system that manages moisture and keeps your feet fresh. The air mesh venting system on the upper front and over the ankle allows enough air to the feet and keeps the feet dry, cool, and comfortable.

Check Latest Price

  • A soft and light blend
  • Run dry moisture management system
  • Air mesh venting design
  • Cushioned footbed and toe
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Sizing is incorrect
  • They are not durable


2. Rollerblade High-Performance Women’s Socks, Inline Skating, Multi-Sport, Dark Grey, and Pink (Best rollerblade high-performance socks)

Rollerblade High Performance Women's Socks, Inline Skating, Multi Sport, Dark Grey and Pink (Best rollerblade high performance socks)

Check Latest Price


Though there are a few numbers of inline skating socks are available for the skaters. Rollerblade High-Performance Women’s Socks are one of them.

They are an excellent choice of women for inline skating. These women’s rollerblade high-performance socks are another best socks for inline skating.

Feature at a Glance

Better Skating Experience

I am sure you love to do skating, that’s why you are here. I am also happy to provide you with the right information about skating socks. I am sure you will get a better experience from this sock while inline skating.

High-performance Socks

These high-performance rollerblade women skating socks are able to make a difference in your performance. I hope all technical materials that are used to make these socks will make satisfactory to the skaters. They are able to enhance ability, fit, and experience. The materials, patterns, and features of these socks ensure incredible fit and reliable performance.

Unique Construction

If you look at the sock then you can see that it has a very unique construction. As you already know that inline skating socks have different construction than other types of socks. It has pique construction and a double pique shin area that provide all-around comfort and reinforcement. Especially in those areas where feet feel the most pressure.

Padding and Cushioning

The manufacturer uniquely designed these socks with a right and left-specific optimization padding and fitting system. That design optimizes fit and padding while skating.

Prevent Blister

This sock is specially designed for inline skaters. The manufacturer knows that friction is one of the main problems of inline skaters. That’s why they designed these socks with friction-reducing materials that prevent blisters and provide a very soft and comfortable touch on your feet.

Check Latest Price

  • Moisture wicking
  • Durable and comfortable
  • High-performance sock
  • Unique construction for inline skating
  • You will get a better skating experience
  • Good padding and cushioning
  • Reduce friction and prevent blisters
  • They run small
  • Quality is not great


3. Rollerblade High-Performance Men’s Socks, Inline Skating, Multi-Sport, Black and Red (Rollerblade socks men’s)

Rollerblade High Performance Men's Socks, Inline Skating, Multi Sport, Black and Red (Rollerblade socks men's)

Check Latest Price


There are very difficult to find people who don’t love skating. Especially when comes to inline skating then men are ahead of women. However, now I like to tell you about a pair of rollerblade socks for men.

Though there are other options for women in this list these rollerblade high-performance Inline Skating Men’s Socks are specially designed for the men who really love inline skating.

Feature at a Glance

Best Skating Socks

These rollerblade men’s socks are the best socks for inline skating for men. These men’s inline skating socks are excellent for free and fitness skating. While some socks’ cuffs make you irritated but you won’t get hurt by these socks.


If you are trying to find a comfortable pair of socks for inline skating then you can choose this sock without making yourself hesitate. This is a very comfortable pair of socks for inline skating ever. The construction and design of this sock are specially created to make you comfortable.

High-performance Inline Skating Sock

As you know that a pair of high-performance socks can make a difference while inline skating. The manufacturer uses technical materials to make these socks that ensure the satisfaction of the inline skaters. These socks can enhance the ability and fitting as well as able to provide you with the best experience.


The manufacturer also ensures the durability of these skate socks. The design and construction with technical materials ensure durability and long-lasting. More durability and more comfort will give you more performance.

Moisture Wicking

This inline skate sock is wicked with the nanoglide moisture from the feet and keeps the feet dry, cool, and comfortable. The Merly skin life fresh materials construction is able to increase shape retention and maintain the natural balance of the skin. They are also able to prevent friction and blisters.

Check Latest Price

  • High-performance inline skating sock
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Used mertl skin life fresh materials
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Prevent blister
  • They are not durable


4. EDEA Skating Socks are the BEST little Skating Socks Around (Best inline skating socks)

EDEA Skating Socks are the BEST little Skating Socks Around (Best inline skating socks)

Check Latest Price


Are you searching for the perfect socks for inline skating? Then you are in the right place. You can find here some of the best socks for inline skating.

EDEA Skating Sock is one of them. If you want to use ankle inline socks while skating then if think this EDEA Skating Sock will be the right choice for you.

Feature at a Glance

Great Fitting

Fitting is the main thing that every skater wants. If the socks won’t fit in your feet, then you will feel uncomfortable while skating. EDEA Skating Socks are specially engineered to fit in your feet perfectly. Just follow the size chart before buying the socks. I hope you won’t get hopeless.

Very Thin

Sometimes thick socks will make you uncomfortable in the hot summer. If the inline skating shoes are comfortable and cushioned then you can use a pair of thin socks with them. These EDEA skating socks are thin and perfect to wear in the summer season.

Moisture Wicking

The combination of MicroFibre and cotton created moisture-wicking socks for the skaters. It can wick the moisture away from the feet. So, if you wear these socks while skating, your feet will stay dry and comfortable.

Prevent Irritating

EDEA skating socks are designed with a seamless toe that prevents irritation and keeps the toe comfortable. That means you will feel extreme comfort from these seamless skating socks. These seamless socks are great for skating and other indoor or outdoor activities, and sports.

Great Quality

The quality of this sock is can’t complain. The manufacturer uses the best quality materials and workmanship to build this sock. I am sure you will get the best performance from this sock while skating.

Check Latest Price

  • Thin pair of sock
  • Provide you with a great fitting
  • Comfortable
  • Moisture resistance
  • Seamless toe that prevents irritation
  • They are tight and short


5. Rollerblade Boys Performance Kids Socks, Inline Skating, Multi-Sport, Fuschia and Pink, Fuchsia/Pink (Best rollerblade socks for kids)

Rollerblade Boys Performance Kids Socks, Inline Skating, Multi Sport, Fuschia and Pink, Fuchsia/Pink (Best rollerblade socks for kids)

Check Latest Price


Do not feel disappointed if you won’t see the inline skating sock for kids and boys as well. We already tell you about some of the best inline socks for adults. And So long have you already heard about the best socks for inline skating for both men and women?


Now I like to tell you about the best inline skating socks for boys and kids. Rollerblade Boys Performance Kids Socks are great value for your money for your kids. These are great rollerblade socks for kids.

Feature at a Glance

Technical Materials

The manufacturer specially constructed this sock with technical materials for the kids. These socks are designed with double-pique shins and customized for left & right. So that the kids will feel very comfortable and cushioned while inline skating.


As you know that kids have sensitive skin. They need extra protection and comfort while skating. Though they wear comfortable pair of skating shoes but a pair of socks can make them more comfortable while skating.


When comes to the kid’s socks, they should be enough cushion. Otherwise, kids’ feet may get fatigued. The manufacturer designed this sock with a fully cushioned footbed. So that kids feel a good cushion while skating.

Arch Support

These rollerblade socks for kids are also designed with a good arch support system on the ankle. The kid’s feet will get good support while inline skating.

Ventilation System

If you look at the front of the socks, then you can see the mesh ventilation system in the front. That allows enough breath inside and keeps the feet cool, dry, and comfortable for a long day.

Specific Skate Design

This kid’s inline skating sock is specifically designed for inline skating for kids. It has an anatomical fit that provides comfort in the pressure zones.

Moisture Wicking

The construction of this sock also features a moisture-wicking feature. So that your feet will stay dry and comfortable while skating.

Check Latest Price

  • Used technical materials
  • Cushioned and comfortable
  • Well ventilated
  • Specially designed for the kids
  • Moisture wicking
  • No sizing provided



What Socks to Wear with Inline Skates?

What Socks to Wear with Inline Skates


There are different types of socks that come in different sizes. What socks are perfect for inline skating? Well, it is a very important question. Because most of the skaters feel confused about this matter. Some of them use their regular socks while skating.

But it is not correct, regular socks are not designed to withstand the shock of skating. They can make you more harm than good. Regular socks can create blisters, pain, and other foot problems. They also can make bad odors on your feet. You should change your thinking.

You must find a sock that is specially designed for inline skating. Well, you can find some of the best inline skating socks here. If you will read this full article then you can know about the benefits of using inline skating socks.

Now the confusion is what would be the construction of the socks and what would be the height of the sock. Well, some people love to wear high-ankle socks and some people wear high-knee socks. Both are good for inline skating.

But before purchasing them, you should look at the fabric construction of the socks. Though wool is a good material for socks for inline skating there is another material that is very good and perfect for inline skating socks.

Yes, you may think right, antimicrobial socks or Coolmax fiber socks are ideal for inline skating. Though there are some other materials that blend with it you must choose socks that are built with Coolmax fiber. If you are staying in the right way then you can enjoy a lot without making any harm.




Benefits of Inline Skating

Benefits of Inline SkatingYou are looking for the best socks for inline skating because you may love to do skating. Whatever, it is really a very good time pass. You can enjoy a lot of good times with your friends.

Though different people use skating for different purposes. Some people use them for recreational purposes, while some people use them for transportation.

On the other hand, some people use them to enjoy the game or enjoy the street with friends.

However. there are some benefits of inline skating. Below we have discussed some benefits of inline skating.

  • Inline skating can improve your core strength such as back exterior muscles, abdominal, and postural.
  • They can also improve your dynamic balance
  • Inline skating also can improve coordination and agility
  • Also, they can provide you with aerobic exercise benefits such as they allow the lungs to work well and increasing heart rate
  • Inline skating also provides anaerobic exercise benefits so that your muscles will be more toning and stronger
  • Inline skating is like one kind of exercise and you can control your weight by doing this activity
  • One of the most important benefits of inline skating is, it can increase your self-confidence.



Buying Guide for Best Socks for Inline Skating

Buying Guide for Best Socks for Inline Skating


Inline skating socks are great for men, women, and kids. They have some specific benefits too. You can regularly enjoy your time by inline skating. There are some important factors to consider before buying an inline skate. Below we have discussed some of them.


  • Wheel Size: Wheel size is a very important factor to consider. Before buying the inline skate make sure about the distance which you want to ride regularly. Depending on the distance of your ride, you can choose the wheel of an inline skate. Well, if you want to go a longer distance with your inline skate then choose the bigger wheels. Because a bigger wheel can run faster than a small wheel. As well as it will allow you to maintain the speed easily without losing your extra energy. For long distances, 90-100mm or 110mm wheel size will be great to use. On the other hand, when you want to ride for a shorter distance then you can easily choose inline skates that have small wheels. You can easily control their speed while riding short distances. 80-84mm wheel will be great if you want a smaller wheel inline skate.
  • Wheel Durometer: It is another important factor that you must consider before buying an inline skate. They indicated an A. If the wheels have higher numbers of A then it means the wheel is harder. And if the A is lower that means the wheel is softer than others. Wheel durometer is important because it affects the lifespan. As well as they are responsible to provide grip, shock-absorbing effects, speed, and control. The harder wheel will be able to provide higher speed, shock absorption, and a longer lifespan but less grip. And the softer wheels will be able to provide shock absorption with better grip. But they won’t give you high speed and a long lifespan.


Bearing ensures the best performance. If the bearing comes from low quality that means you won’t get the right performance from the inline skate. So, it is very important to ensure that you have got a good bearing for your inline skate. If possible then keep away from the moisture, water, dirt, sand, and mud. Try to get the ABEC rating bearing. Because if the ABEC rating is higher that means you will get less roll resistance and higher precision.


The liner of the boots is another important factor to consider. The comfortable liner can make the skates safer and higher in comfort. Sometimes you can buy a separate inner boot if the inner boots don’t fit you most and if you want to make the skate more comfortable. Though it is not necessary because each liner skate is designed with a pair of comfortable liners. Choose the design of the liner and then buy them.

Size and Fit

If the inline skates won’t fit you then you wouldn’t enjoy the moment and game. That’s why before choosing the skates shoes you should read the size chart and take the right one for you. If the inline skate won’t fit perfectly to your feet, then they may slip while skating.


There are different types of boot designs are available for inline skating. Each can define different styling. Now, what type of design you like to own totally depends on your choice. Though there are two types of boots for inline skates such as hard boots and soft boots.

So, what should you choose? Both hard and soft boots have different benefits. Though hard boots feel harder they typically provide more control and stability. On the other hand, softer boots are very comfortable, and breathable. They also prevent friction and shock.

Laces and Buckles Closure

All skates are designed with a lace or buckle closure system. Some models come with both laces and buckles designs while some models offer some special wire tightening system.  So, before buying the skates, choose the right design which will be perfect for you.

Whatever buckles are easier and faster than the laces. But you can tighten more with the laces. However, it’s totally your choice which design you mostly like. But I suggest you choose the skates that will offer you the best fitting, control, and security.


We have equipped this article with some of the best socks for inline skating. Most of the inline skates here come with an aluminum frame and they will provide better power transfer compared to other materials. As well as an aluminum frame provides more stiffness and stability.


The brake is the most important feature that you must consider before buying the skates. Though most skates are designed with a pre-mounted brake system some also have an old design. If the skates don’t have a brake system then you may get a sudden accident. That’s why to choose a skate that comes with a reliable brake system.

Other Protection

Only good quality skates are not enough to make you secure while skating. You must equip yourself with some other protection device such as a pair of good quality socks that are specially designed for skates, helmets, gloves, knee protection, sunglass, elbow protection, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of socks are best for roller skating?

A: A pair of socks that are specially designed to keep the feet fatigue-free, prevent blisters, and provide cushion comfort that are the best socks for roller skating. You can try M MONFOOT Athletic Cushioned Running Performance Crew Socks for inline skating.

Q: Do you need special socks for roller skating?

A: Yes, it is important to get special socks for roller skating. Not all socks are designed for roller skating. There are a few designs available in the market. You should get those socks that are specially designed for roller skating. In this article, we decorated with some of the best socks for inline skating. You can choose any of them depending on your requirement.

Q: What are roller skating socks?

A: The socks which are specially designed to use while roller skating are called roller skating socks. Roller skating socks offer more comfort, are cushioned, have different construction & design, and so on.

Q: Are wool socks good for skating?

A: Wool socks are able to keep the feet cool, comfortable, cushioned, moisture-wicking, breathable, and fresh. So, it is also a good choice for roller skating.


So, What Should You Buy?

Well, the socks expert is committed to providing you the valuable information related to your feet. Each piece of information we have provided after a long time of research. You can trust our suggestion. In this article, you have already got to know about the best socks for inline skating.

M MONFOOT Athletic Cushioned Running Performance Crew Socks are our first choice for inline skaters. You can also choose any of them from the list. I hope we have done something valuable for you. If you like that then share your experience with your friends and family.


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