Best Socks for Volleyball [Special Socks for Volleyball]

In this article, you will talk about the best socks for volleyball. Most volleyball players significantly overlook the good volleyball socks. Because sometimes they won’t get the right pair of volleyball socks before playing any match. Because there are not many available volleyball socks everywhere.


You need to find them in the right place and choose the right one for your foot. A pair of regular socks can’t provide the actual benefits that you want while playing. Whatever, you need the right amount of comfort, support, protection, and cushioning on your feet while playing volleyball.


Volleyball socks are specially created to provide a gentle level of compression on your foot which helps to increase your performance. As well as actual volleyball socks have the power of breathability and odor control. That means they can keep your feet comfortable, protective, and supportive. So, do not compromise with the right volleyball sock while playing.


Because they can keep your feet safe from various foot problems. In the below article, we have provided some important information about volleyball socks. You will get to know what kind of socks you need to wear for playing volleyball and how to choose them. Both men, women, and kids can be benefited from this article.



If You Want a Quick List, Check Our Top 10 Suggestions Below


Best Socks for Volleyball Reviews of 2023


1. ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Crew Socks (Best team volleyball crew socks)

ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Crew Socks (Best team volleyball crew socks) Check Latest Price


ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Crew Socks are team volleyball socks. It comes with a custom team number. So, when you have a volleyball match on the beach then this custom team number athletic volleyball crew socks will be perfect for your team. It has an excellent design and construction which are perfect for any volleyball match. So, do not get late to choose your number.


Feature at a Glance

Materials: This crew height sock is specially designed for volleyball players or any other team sports. The manufacturer blends 80% Polyester, 10% Nylon, 5% Rubber & 5% Spandex on this sock. The polyester part of this sock offers a moisture-wicking feature. The nylon fiber offer strength and other rubber & spandex fiber provide support & fit. Only hand wash is allowed.


Custom Team Number: Volleyball won’t play single, you have a team and you also have a team number. So, other socks won’t give you any chance to custom your player number on the sock but these ChalkTalkSPORTS socks offer a custom team number. So, now you can put your jersey number on your socks. Isn’t it fantastic? These are high-quality performance socks and specially created for team volleyball, basketball, and football players. So, wear your player number with pride while playing.


Comfortable and Durable: These custom team socks are super comfortable and durable. It also features a wide variety of vibrant colors so you can choose your desired color. The manufacturer uses quality materials with great construction which offer durability and comfortability. So, equipped your team with the team number in your next match. These crew height sports socks are also perfect for big games and everyday use.


Versatile Use: This sports crew sock is not only great for the volleyball team but also these socks are ideal for football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, and beach volleyball players. So, if you have any plan to play these games on the beach then make sure you have these custom number socks for your team.


Moisture Wicking: These high-quality performance socks feature durable moisture wicking and air-circulating ventilation technology. It is effectively moving away the moisture from the skin and is able to dry measurably faster than cotton. That means it keeps your feet feeling dry and comfortable during playing volleyball, basketball, soccer, and football. These socks will work excellent to keep you feeling refreshed and ready to provide your best performance.


  • The ideal blend of materials
  • Moisture Wicking Sock
  • Dries measurably faster than cotton
  • Allow custom team number
  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Provide Strength and Supporting fit
  • Comes with a wide variety of vibrant colors
  • High quality performance sock
  • No Cons


2. MadSportsStuff Volleyball Logo Crew Socks (Best socks for beach volleyball)


MadSportsStuff Volleyball Logo Crew Socks (Best socks for beach volleyball) Check Latest Price


Do you have any plans to play a beach volleyball match next weekend? Then I have a great pair of volleyball socks for you. MadSportsStuff Volleyball Logo Crew long volleyball socks are the best socks for beach volleyball. Every pair of socks are designed along with a focus on quality and craftsmanship with teams in mind. So, your team is now equipped with the right pair of volleyball socks.


Feature at a Glance

Materials: The manufacturer uses all performance fibers to create this sock. They use 77% Polypropylene, 17% Nylon, 3% Elastic, and 3% Lycra Spandex materials which are able to keep your feet dry, fresh, and comfortable during playing. As well as they will keep your feet breathable, cool, and odor-free.


Fun and Comfortable Sock: These traditional volleyball socks can add a touch of fun during your playing. It comes with a long crew length and it sits on mid-calf. The manufacturer also creates team color combinations on this sock. These crew-long volleyball socks surely would be popular with young girls and teens alike too.


High-performance Sock: The manufacturer uses all high-performance materials to make this sock. It features arch compression support on your feet that helps to make you stable and supportive. As well as it also comes with heel & toe, and a double welt top design.


Moisture and Odor Control: The combination of Polypropylene, nylon, spandex, and lycra fibers are able to wick the moisture from the skin and keep your feet dry, and fresh. As well as the manufacturer also uses odor control technology on this sock which can prevent bad odor. The breathable mesh design on this sock also allows enough airflow inside of the sock which keeps your feet cool and dry during play.


Personalized Sock: You can now personalize your socks with your jersey color and number. Yes, this volleyball sock comes with a team number that can match your jersey color and number. That means you can now look professional while playing.


  • Uses all high-performance materials
  • Wick moisture and dries quickly
  • Design with a mesh ventilation system
  • Breathable and odor control
  • Provide cushion and padding
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Various color combination
  • No Cons


3. Sand Socks for Beach Soccer, Sand Volleyball, and Snorkeling (Best sand socks for beach volleyball)

Sand Socks for Beach Soccer, Sand Volleyball and Snorkeling (Best sand socks for beach volleyball) Check Latest Price


Now I am going to tell you about the best sand socks for beach volleyball. These fun volleyball socks come with different attractive prints and designs. I am sure you will love to wear these socks while playing volleyball in the sand. These Sand Socks are great for Beach Soccer, Sand Volleyball, and Snorkeling. You can now move faster, and jump higher without compromising the protection of your feet.


Feature at a Glance

Fabric: These cool and fun volleyball socks are made of the same neoprene and spandex materials. It’s like a high-performance wet suit and you can take care of them in a similar manner through hand-washing and air-drying. These tightly-sewn products are also machine-washable. But you have to see the instruction before wash. Well, do not forget to wash after playing on the beach or sand. Because prolonged exposure to the minerals of salt water can degrade the neoprene material.


Action Flex Sole: These cool volleyball socks are unique and ideal for a sand volleyball match. It comes with an action flex sole which allows you to move faster and jump higher. These neoprene Action Flex Sole designed also allow them to use while playing beach volleyball, sand soccer, and other beach sports.


Protection of Your Feet: As you already know that this fun volleyball socks are designed with neoprene heel and toe which protects your feet from blisters and chafing. As well as they can improve your feel and balance. In addition, these socks can protect your feet from heat, cold, sharp objects, and dirt.


Comfortable and Durable: The socks come with an adjustable fastener that provides a secure fit. As well as it features a lightweight, cool, and breathable Spandex upper that offers breath on your feet and keeps sand out. The Duratex coating on the sole also gives enough strength with a comfortable elastic fit. It can be worn with or without shoes.


  • Uses neoprene and spandex materials
  • Unique design and construction
  • Feature Action Flex Sole
  • Allows you to move faster and jump higher
  • Protection of your feet from blisters, chafing, sand, and dirt
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Soft and Durable sock
  • Able to improve your feet balance
  • Lightweight and cool
  • No Cons


4. ASICS Team Crew Socks, Multiple Performance Sock for All Sports (Best volleyball socks for women and men)

ASICS Team Crew Socks, Multiple Performance Sock for All Sports (Best volleyball socks for women and men) Check Latest Price


Asics has been developing sports footwear and apparel for more than 50 years. Their innovation and design have revolutionized the world of sports. Their innovation is based on scientific research and collaboration with athletes. ASICS Team Crew Socks are another best volleyball socks for women and men. Asics volleyball socks are full cushion sports socks and perfect for multi-sport use.


Feature at a Glance

Materials: Asics volleyball socks are made with a blend of 53% Polyester, 44% Nylon, and 3% Spandex materials. The polyester fiber can wick the moisture and dry fast. As well as the combination of these synthetic fibers also keeps your feet supportive and protective. They also provide you with secure and comfortable feet.


Durable and Comfortable: The polyester fiber with perfect construction provides durability and comfort. The construction of this sock also offers elasticity with a great fit. They not only keep your feet dry, fresh and comfortable but also they can keep your feet supportive and protective.


Cushioned Sock: The manufacturer uses all quality and high-performance socks with fully cushioned soles. These socks can sleep your feet comfortable. The fully cushioned design also offers absorption in high-impact areas. That means your feet also will stay safe from any impact.


Multiple Performance Sock: This sock also comes with an excellent gripping system that is able to hold the foot comfortably without making you any discomfort or irritation. The hand-linked toe seam is engineered for maximum comfort without irritation and chafing. These multiple-performance socks are not only ideal for daily use but also great for all sports.


  • Perfect construction for sports and daily use
  • Soft and breathable
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Keeps feet dry and comfortable
  • Fully cushioned sole
  • Shock absorption in high impact areas
  • Hand linked toe seam for maximum comfort
  • Prevent irritation and chafing
  • Multiple performance socks for all sports
  • No Cons



5. CAPAS 2mm Neoprene Waterproof Socks, Beach Volleyball Sand Proof Socks (Best beach volleyball socks)

CAPAS 2mm Neoprene Waterproof Socks, Beach Volleyball Sand Proof Socks (Best beach volleyball socks) Check Latest Price


Do you want Beach Volleyball Sand Proof Socks or Wetsuit Snorkel Socks that keep feet warm for both men & women? Then these CAPAS 2mm Neoprene Waterproof Socks are ideal for you. It has an excellent gripping system on the floor bed, preventing slip. That means you can also use these socks is any slippery surface. The sand-proof feature also allows for keeping your feet safe from sand, mud, and blisters. This is another best beach volleyball socks.


Feature at a Glance

Construction: The manufacturer uses fine workmanship on this sock for multi-purpose. They have uses 100% neoprene material to create this sock. These neoprene socks can be used for various purposes such as in any water-related sports like swimming, diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, rafting, and other types of sand-related sports like beach volleyball, football, beach soccer, and more.


Sand Proof Socks: These CAPAS sand-proof socks are great for beach activities. It’s treated with Japanese-made professional-level Yamamoto smooth skin material on the top. Also, it is applied with the Glued and Blind-stitched Techniques that sew the neoprene together without piercing the material. These neoprene socks seal your feet snugly as well as eliminate any possibility of sands and micro-powders going into the socks. So, it is safe for you to wear during playing beach sports.


Keep feet Warm: This neoprene sock is made with 2mm drysuit neoprene material and unique Sewing Tech that features a great performance against the cold and water. It not only prevents slipping but also can prevent water from seeping into the socks. So, they can keep your feet warm and comfortable during playing water sports.


Anti-slip Neoprene Socks: These socks are very much protective and supportive. The manufacturer applied SUV tire patterns on the bottom sole also it has silicone traction that grips slippery surfaces like the boat deck, swimming pool, or shore. That means you can enjoy your peaceful time without worrying about slipping down.


  • Used 100% neoprene material
  • Beach Volleyball Sand Proof Socks
  • Fine Workmanship for Multi-purpose
  • Sand Proof Socks for Beach Activities
  • Keep feet warm during water sports
  • It has silicone traction to grip slippery surfaces
  • No Cons



What Kind of Socks Do You wear for Volleyball?

What Kind of Socks Do You wear for Volleyball


There are some important gear that volleyball players must need to wear such as ankle braces, and calf guards. Socks are one of the most important gears for volleyball players. The expert volleyball players won’t ignore the necessity of the right volleyball socks. Now the question is what kind of socks do volleyball players wear?


Basically, volleyball players prefer to wear long socks which offer good compression, padding, cushioning, shock absorption, comfort, and durability. The reason behind this is support and stability. A pair of long compression socks ensures that you will stay protected from any impact, fatigue, pain, and bruises while playing volleyball.


As well as compression socks can provide you support and make you stable which helps to increase your performance. Well, we have selected some pairs of volleyball socks which are perfect for any volleyball player. Also, our provided information surely makes you able to choose the right socks for playing volleyball.


How to Choose Socks for Volleyball (Men & Women)

Before choosing any volleyball socks for both men and women you need to consider some important factors. If you have the proper knowledge about those factors then you will be able to choose the right socks for your next match.



First, you must need to consider the right materials for the sock. Though polyester is a common fiber for volleyball socks. There are some other common materials that will be blended with polyester fiber such as cotton/wool, nylon, and spandex. So, you have to choose a sock that is made with a blend of cotton or wool, polyester or nylon, and spandex fibers.


Design and Construction

Another important factor to consider is the design and construction of the sock. Your volleyball socks must have a breathable design that will allow good airflow inside of the sock. As well as it should be constructed with padding and cushion that offers comfortability and shock absorption functionality. Also, the sock should provide a good level of compression which helps to increase blood flow, reduce foot fatigue & pain, keep feet comfortable, increase performance, and fits comfortably.


Moisture Wicking

When you play volleyball then you will get sweaty. Your feet also will get sweaty during your continuous moving. That’s why you must choose the sock that can wick the moisture perfectly and dry quickly. So that you will not get discomfort which can provide a bad impact o your performance. Cotton or wool, polyester, nylon, and spandex are the perfect materials for keeping feet away from moisture.


Durability and Long Lasting

Another important thing is durability. The materials and construction of the sock offer durability and long-lasting features. Before purchasing any sock, make sure that this sock is washable and reusable. Then you can use them for a long period of time. Those are some common and important factors that must be considered before buying any socks for volleyball.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best sand socks for volleyball?

A: Sand Socks are the best socks for volleyball. These socks are made of neoprene and spandex materials. As well as it features tightly sewn which prevents sand get into the sock.


Q: Do you need special socks for volleyball?

A: Yes, I need special socks for volleyball. Because not all types of socks can fulfill the requirement of real volleyball socks like ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Crew Socks.


Q: Do volleyball players wear compression socks?

A: Yes, volleyball players wear compression socks because compression socks can provide excellent support and performance while playing volleyball. As well as they can prevent various foot problems and able to increase performance.


Q: Can you play sand volleyball in socks?

A: Yes, it is best practice to wear sand socks while playing sand volleyball.


Q: Do Olympic beach volleyball players wear sand socks?

A: Yes, Olympic beach volleyball players wear sand socks while playing sand volleyball matches.


Q: Why do volleyball players wear long socks?

A: Long socks can provide good compression benefits on your foot. Also, a long volleyball sock can keep your foot safe from any dust, sand, debris, or other harmful objects. Well, long volleyball socks can provide you with good support and stability during playing.



So, What Should You Buy?

Most people love to play volleyball and it is a very enjoyable game. The socks expert wants that you will stay safe and comfortable while playing volleyball. That’s why we have written this article about the best socks for volleyball. I hope you will get huge benefits from the above information.


As well as our recommended socks will make you perfect and confident during playing volleyball. Well, if you like to play volleyball in the sand then Sand Socks are perfect for you. Whatever, ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Crew Socks are our recommendation for volleyball.


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