How To Shrink Socks? [Shrink Socks Fast in 2023]

Sometimes you have bought a pair of socks that are larger in size than your feet. You do not have enough time to change the sock or buy another pair of socks. Then what will you do? Well, you can shrink your sock a little much by applying some process. In this article, you are going to know how to shrink socks at home.


Basically, shrinking the socks depends on the fabric of the socks. There are some fibers like spandex and other synthetic materials that create elasticity on the sock. That’s why before buying any sock, make sure that it is made by using spandex material.


Whatever, if you have purchased a sock that is loose and doesn’t fit well on your feet then you can make them shrink by applying some tricks at your home. Well, you are going to know some simple tricks and tips on how to shrink your loose socks.





How To Shrink Socks At Home (Simple Tricks and Tips)

Basically, shrinking is a simple process that is applied for reducing the size of the fabric. You can reduce the size of the socks and make them smaller. Though different fabrics give different results while shrinking. That’s why you must read the wash instruction before washing any fabric. Because some fabrics don’t allow a shrinking process.


We have discussed here 3 simple tricks with simple steps. I hope these proven tricks will helpful for you if your fabric allows for shrinking. Well, let’s talked about the tricks of how to shrink socks fast.


  • At first, look at the washing instruction for the sock then set the temperature of your washing machine. It should be too hot. Because most fabrics react very fast to the heat. If you want to shrink cotton or wool socks then you must set the hottest setting available. If your washing machine has an auto heat setting then it is very good.
  • But one thing you should remember is if you want to shrink the socks that are made with polyester or other synthetic fiber then use a cool wash instead of heat. Because synthetic materials react conversely while in the heat wash.
  • Then wash these socks as long as possible. Long time washing makes sure that the socks have enough time to get shrink.
  • Check the socks middle of the washing so that you will get the best result.
  • Use a slightly washing setting for wool socks that can prevent the sock to get over shrinking.
  • After completing the washing, put it out from the washing machine. Then check the socks, if you are not satisfied then don’t worry. Wash them again until they won’t get your right size.
  • Now lets them through to the dryer putting them in the dryer bag or you can airdry them for getting extra shrinkage.




How To Shrink Socks Without A Dryer?

If you don’t have a dryer then how to shrink socks? If you don’t have a dryer that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to shrink the socks. Yes, you can shrink the socks without a dryer.


Follow the below steps to get the best result. You can also perfectly shrink the sock if you have no dryer. Then how to shrink socks in the wash without a dryer? Let’s talked about a few steps.


  • At first, you need to boil socks to shrink them. So, take a large pot and fill it with about ⅔ full of water then boil it on the stove. Overheat the water.
  • After overheating the water put out it from the stove and keep it in a safe place where children or pets won’t reach
  • Then put the sock in the heated water and boil for at least ten minutes. A longer boil can give the best result. Do not keep the pot under the ceiling fan or air cooler. Then it will get cool fast.
  • At this step, you can add some aromatic essential oil such as eucalyptus or lavender so that the boiling sock’s bad smell doesn’t spread to your entire room.
  • After finishing the boiling put out the socks from the pot. Make sure that you use a spatula or tongs for removing the hot socks from the water. After removing the socks airdry or sunlight dry them.
  • If your result is not satisfactory then you can re-start the process again.




How To Shrink Soccer Socks?

Soccer socks get loose after a few times of use because they play by wearing socks. Tennis and lacrosse socks are also the same as that. That’s why they frequently need to buy several socks. But if you know the trick of how to shrink the sock then it will save their money and time too.


Well, there are two simple steps to shrink soccer socks. But before washing any socks you must follow the washing instructions. Wash them as long as possible in the hot setting available in your washing machine.


But for the cotton and wool socks, use a shorter time to the wash so that they won’t get over shrinkage. After washing them then remove the sock from the washer and through them to the dryer using a dryer bag. Dry them well and check the result when they get cool. You can also air dry them.



How To Shrink Wool Socks?

How To Shrink Wool SocksIf you want to shrink the wool sock then you need to wash them in the hot boiled water or hot setting available in your washing machine. But do not wash them for a long time in hot water, or on washing machines with the hottest setting. Otherwise, they may get over shrinkage.


After washing them, remove these socks from the machine or pot and put them in the dryer or you can air dry them. Do not forget to use a dryer bag before putting the sock in the dryer.



How To Shrink Polyester Socks?

Polyester is a synthetic material. They will get damaged or unshaped after getting overheated. That’s why you need to just follow the below step to shrink polyester socks


  • At first, wash the polyester sock in your washing machine with the hottest setting available or soak it with boiling water. But it is important that, do not wash this synthetic fiber for too long time. Otherwise, they will get damaged. After complete washing, dry them by the dryer or air dry them.
  • Whatever, you can also use a hot dryer instead of a hot wash which also works to shrink the polyester sock. The heat setting of the dryer is also able to shrink polyester socks. Or after hot wash, you can hot dry them in the dryer.
  • Another great idea to shrink the polyester sock is, that you can iron them. Hot ironing also can shrink polyester socks. But do not iron long time by overheating the iron. Then the socks will ruin their shape.



How To Shrink Compression Socks?

A compression sock is made with a blend of cotton/ wool, polyester, or other synthetic materials. Spandex fiber is a common material for compression socks. So, if you want to shrink compression sock then first you must read the washing instruction for the sock provided by the manufacturer.


Well, to shrink the compression sock you can use the washer. Also, you can add some laundry detergent that does not contain bleach, brighteners, or softeners. After washing them a while, now you need to dry them in the dryer with a gentle or low heat setting available.


Tumble dry the sock with a dryer by using a dryer bag that will helps the sock to re-back its original shape. If you do not want to dry your compression in the dryer then you can airdry them.



How To Shrink Knitted Socks?

How To Shrink Knitted Socks


Every sock is made by knitting. But the fabrication of socks will differ depending on the situation and comfortability. Well, then how to shrink socks. In the above article, we have discussed a lot about this matter.


Well, just giving you a short idea. At first soak or wash the sock with hot water or the hottest setting available in your washing machine. But water temperature may vary depending on the fabric materials.


If you want to treat polyester or other synthetic material socks then wash them in a cool wash setting. These synthetic fibers react differently to heat and will get damaged after getting overheated.


When you want to shrink wool socks then use the hottest setting of your washing machine but use a slightly shorter washing time than other socks. On the other hand, if you want to shrink cotton socks then you must use the hottest setting or use boiled water.


Treating the same time and the same temperature for each sock’s materials won’t give the same effect. There is a different washing instructions for different fibers to shrink them.



How To Shrink Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo socks are natural fiber like cotton. If you want to shrink bamboo socks then the best option is, to use a washing machine with the hottest setting. After washing them, put them in the dryer to dry.


Do not use a dryer for the bamboo socks for an extensive period of time. They may get damaged from over-drying. I recommend using tumble dry by using the mild or air tumble setting.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do socks shrink?

A: After getting the heat temperature the sock fiber will get shrink. It is the natural process for any fiber.


Q: Will socks shrink in the dryer?

A: Yes, socks shrink in the dryer. You can put the sock after heat wash or you just put any synthetic sock in the dryer for shrinking.


Q: How to wear socks that are too big?

A: If you want to wear socks that are bigger size from your feet size then you must treat them to shrink and then you can wear them.



Final Words

Well, if you are feeling confused about how to shrink socks then I hope now your confusion gets out after reading this article. The socks expert always tries to talk about your problem and try to solve them in the actual ways. After reading this article you can now treat your loose fit sock and will make it perfect fitting for your feet.


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