What Are Socks? [Socks Types & Socks Lengths Explained]

Socks are one kind of clothing for the feet. It is to be worn on the feet before wearing shoes or boots. It covers the feet, ankle, and some parts of the calf. What are socks and why do we need to wear socks? Well, socks are not only just cloth. It is also known as the protector of our feet and ankle.


As well as it will make our shoes and boots more comfortable while wearing them for the long working day. Socks protect our feet in various ways. Socks can prevent blisters from the feet caused by the shoes or boots. It also protects the feet from getting cold in the winter and keeps feet cold in the summer.


Also, there are huge benefits of using socks. If you want to know more then you are welcome to read the article carefully. Socks have a very old history. According to Wikipedia, in ancient times, first-time socks were made from matted animal hair or leather. But machine knitted socks were first made in the late 16th century.


People manufactured both machine knitting and hand knitting socks until 1800. After the 1800 century, people permanently started to manufacture socks by machine. Machine knitted socks become popular day by day. Now in the modern century, there are different types and designs of socks manufactured by the manufacturer.


Each type of sock has a particular type of wearing benefits. Some socks are worn on a daily basis while some quality socks are made to wear with the morning exercise shoes. There are huge types of socks. Some socks are made to keep your feet breathable, cold, and comfortable in the summer.


On the other hand, some socks are made to keep your feet warm in the winter. As well as the manufacturers are now focused to fulfill the customer demands by producing particular types of socks for the particular types of shoes. I have also written down the different types of socks in the below article.


If you really want to know more about the type of socks then you should read below. One thing you should remember, the materials of the socks in really very important to get the actual comfort.


A pair of wool socks are great to wear in both the summer and winter seasons. But I suggest you get socks that are made from a blend of different materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex. These materials are well known to make comfortable socks for all ages people.




Types of Socks

Types of Socks


There are different types of socks are available. Though we have discussed the type of socks in another article we have also discussed here again the type of socks only for you. Below have a discussion about the different types of socks, their functionality as well as their uses them.



Crew Socks

Crew socks have a classic styling. It is designed with a mid-calf that holds the leg comfortably. You won’t find any other socks like a pair of crew socks. People mostly use these pairs of socks for styling and functionality. Crew socks are great for all ages people. I recommend using these crew socks for any purpose with the shoes and boots.



Ankle Socks

Another great type of socks is Ankle socks. It offers a great amount of shock-absorption features. It hits about an inch above the ankle. These ankle socks are perfect to wear with the shoes while playing any kind of sport.


Ankle socks come in different colors and styling. So, if you want to decorate yourself with colorful styling then these ankle socks will be the best option for you.



No-Show Socks

No-show socks are another great pair of socks design. It features modern styling. It is a highly used sock all around the world of modern people. Some people use no-show socks for styling and obviously, a pair of no-show socks will able to give you the trendy style.


It is also perfect for those people who don’t want to show their socks from sneakers, sperrys, Dansko clogs, or other types of shoes. When you wear your favorite shoes then a pair of no-show socks allows hiding the socks inside the shoes so that people focus on the shoes instead of showing them socks.



Mid-Calf Socks

The mid-calf socks still look great with any kind of shoes and boots. It is able to hold your leg comfortably and exactly where you expect them. You will feel comfortable while wearing it for a long working day with shoes. It also gives you a traditional styling with any shoes and any dress code.



Knee Socks

Basically, knee socks and thigh socks are mostly the same. But height is the one difference between the knee sock and thigh sock. Normally thigh socks stand above the knee close to the thigh but knee socks stand below the knee.


In the winter season, sometimes women wear long knee socks to keep the body warm. They allow keeping the leg warm when the temperature drops. Knee socks are also great to make any outdoor styling with any kind of shoes.



Thigh Socks

Generally, thigh socks are only for women. It is a dramatic option for them. This pair of super long thigh socks are used to wear when women wear short tops or any other type of short dress on any special occasion or party.


It is also highly used in the winter season under the regular dress. If you want to make yourself special on any occasion with any selected dress then thigh sock is a great option for you.




What Are Socks Made Of?

it is a very good question. There are a wide variety of materials are used to make the socks. Among them, cotton, nylon, polyester, wool, spandex, and polypropylene materials are used to make the socks.


While there are some other types of materials used during the time of the manufacturing processes such as linen, silk, cashmere, silk, or mohair. Color of the socks chosen by the designer.



Sock Lengths Explained

Sock Lengths Explained


If you have any questions about the socks then I ensure you that you are in the right place. Most people get confused about the sock’s length. You already got to know about the type of socks from the above article.


But I think you may not know about what is the length of each type of socks. Don’t worry, I am going to explain the length of each type of sock.



Crew Socks

Crew socks are probably the most popular socks among most people. A pair of crew socks will suit every type of shoe. It sits on your feet close up above the ankle and comfortably holds the mid-to-upper calf. But this type of sock is longer than the ankle socks and lower than the knee socks.


So, if your foot size is an average of 8-12 depending on the U.S foot measurement then you can choose a pair of crew socks that features one-size-fits-all. But if you have an average size foot then you should choose the socks depending on the measurement chart.



Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are another great sock for the sports, outdoor, running lover. It is shorter than crew socks and longer than the no-show socks. It holds just the end up of the ankle. It is not invisible socks like no-show socks. It displays on the up of the shoe shaft. It is one kind of styling that you can show off.



No-Show Socks

No-Show Socks are another popular and most used sock of all ages people. It is the only short socks that are also called hidden socks, loafer socks, or low-profile socks. If you wear these socks with your shoe, no one can understand that you have to wear socks.


No-show socks are specially designed to be invisible. It is highly worn with low-top shoes such as loafers, sneakers, boat shoes, and other types of low shaft shoes. This sock is great for summertime use.



Mid-Calf Socks

Mid-Calf Socks are similar to crew socks. Just it has a bit of length from the crew socks. The top part of the socks sits middle between the ankle and knee. It is mostly used in the winter season. As well as the outdoor lover such as a camper, hiker also loves to wear these mid-calf socks during the outdoor activities.



Knee Socks

You may get to understand the length of the knee socks by their name. Yes, you are right, knee socks have a long length. It sits just below the knee and holds the leg comfortably. Especially women used this type of socks. The knee socks are longer than the mid-calf socks and shorter than the thigh socks.



Thigh Socks

Thigh socks are the longest socks in the history of socks. It is a lady’s sock and it has a very long length. It is long as your thigh and sits just below the thigh. Women wear this type of sock with any special dress code on any special occasion.



What Are Cabin Socks?

Cabin socks are a pair of socks that are made for those people who don’t like to use wool socks. It is thick, durable, and made from a blend of 53% nylon, 44% acrylic, and 3% Spandex. Cabin socks are sensitive, overworked feet, and very gentle on dry.



What Are Tube Socks?

Tube socks are like a tube. It is a long sock but it has no specific place for the heel or toes. It just shaped like a tube and it was mostly worn by the player while playing any sports.




What Are Liner Socks?

Liner socks are also called no-show socks. The liner socks mean a pair of socks that has thicker layering. If you have professional hiker friends then they can know about this liner sock.


Most professional hikers wear a pair of thin liner socks under the thicker hiking socks especially when they go out for long hiking. As well as this liner socks are also used by the dancers people with or without shoes.



What Are Aqua Socks?

Aqua socks look like sneakers. It is also called water socks. It will get waterlogged or wet while swimming. Whatever, you know that ordinary socks are made from cotton, polyester, and nylon but aqua socks are made from lycra or neoprene materials.


And it also comes with different lengths and different heights. It features an adjustable cuff that holds perfectly your ankle while swimming or walking. You will feel comfortable while wearing this.




Final Words

Well, I like to finish here today. I hope you are now understanding what are socks. I also feel very happy to write about this article for you. Because I think my little effort will help you in your daily life. Keep us in your good wishes so that I can come with a more informative article for you.


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