What Socks To Wear With Air Force 1 in 2023?

Air force 1 is a great pair of sneakers from Nike. So, you have a great pair of Nike air force 1 sneakers and you are lucky to have them. Well, do you feel confused about what socks to wear with Nike air force 1? Don’t worry, just read the article below top to bottom. I a sure you will get to know what socks should you wear with AF1.


Nike air force 1 is different from other sneakers. They are very stylish, comfortable, and exclusive. Most people love to wear air force 1 while playing basketball. But most people also love to wear these shoes as a casual outfit. Well, you can match these shoes with any casual outfit.


Whatever, what type of sock do you need to wear with Nike air force 1? Well, the air force 1 shoe has ankle length top and it sits just below the ankle. Some pairs of shoes come with high ankle lengths which sit over the ankle. So, it is clear that you should wear ankle socks with them. A pair of good ankle socks that can protect your feet, and provide cushion & support without compromising comfort.


Whatever, we have talked about this matter in this below article. You have already got to know that you should wear ankle socks with AF1. However, read carefully to know more about good socks for Nike air force 1 shoe. I hope you will get the perfect solution from this article.





What Socks Should You Wear With Nike AF 1?

Well, when you wear Nike air force 1 sneaker then what kinds of socks you should wear with them? So, you know that Nike AF1 shoes have the logo of the Nike brand. So, if you wear any other socks with them then they are not completable.


That means you should wear Nike socks with them. Because Nike socks also have the Nike brand logo. These Nike socks are very fashionable and offer good functionalities. Above all, Nike socks look perfect with Nike brand shoes. Nike socks are ideal for any sport or training season.


As well as they can be worn while you doing any indoor or outdoor activities. One thing you should remember is that you should take deep care about the height of the sock. Though it also depends on the height of the shoes. Well, basically most people wear ankle socks with air force 1 sneaker.


But also some people wear crew socks with them while playing basketball. But you should choose the socks depending on your shoes and your comfort. Air force 1 has ankle length and a pair of ankle socks will be the right choice for them.


Whatever, you can also wear crew socks for them. But it is very important to choose good Nike socks for air force 1 shoe. If you don’t take it seriously then your feet won’t get enough protection that you need while playing basketball or doing any other activities by wearing Nike AF1.



What Color Socks To Wear With Air Force 1?

It is very important to match the color of the sock with your shoes. Otherwise, you will look funny. So, do not compromise to choose the right color of socks for your shoes. Because a simple thing can make a huge change. That’s why you should wear socks that match the color of the shoes.


Well, Nike air force 1 has some common colors such as white, black, red, and golden. Above all white is the most common color. Also platinum and Particle Beige are common in women. So, before choosing the socks for your sneaker you should think about your shoe color.


Well, if you have white AF1 then undoubtedly white color socks will be the right choice. And you should opt for the ankle or crew socks for them. A pair of white color Nike ankle or mid-crew length socks would be perfect for the white color air force 1. It is a smart combination between shoes and socks.


Whatever, you can also pair red, black, light green, light pink, and sky color socks with white sneakers. There will be another styling for your outfit. However, if you have red color AF1 then a pair of red color socks would be the best.


Well, if you wear any other color sneakers then try to match the socks with your shoe color. I hope you have noted the main point. The main point is, always to try to match the color of the socks with the color of the shoes. Then you can get the perfect styling for the day.


However, some people also try to match the color of the socks with their outfits. It also would be the best practice. But I think sock’s color should match the color of the shoes. Especially if you have Nike air force 1 then it must be.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What color socks to wear with white air force 1?

A: Well, if you have white air force 1 then you should wear a pair of white socks with them. A pair of white Nike ankle or mid-crew socks would be the right choice.


Q: What socks do you wear with air force 1?

A: Air force 1 comes with ankle length and you should wear ankle or mid-crew socks with them. Also, the color of the socks is very important. You must stay careful to choose the matching color of the sock for your sneakers.


Q: What socks go best with air force ones?

A: Air force 1 comes with ankle length and a pair of ankle or mid-crew socks will go best with them.


Q: Can you wear Air Force Ones without socks?

A: No, I am not supposed to wear air force one without socks. it is necessary to wear socks with them. Because air force one mainly comes in white color and if you wear them without socks then your shoes will get dirty quickly. Also, you won’t feel secure with your sneaker without wearing socks.


Q: Why wear socks with AF1?

A: You should wear socks with AF1 because if you don’t wear socks with them then they will get dirty. Also, if your feet will get sweaty then your shoes also get wet. So, you won’t feel comfortable with wet shoes. Also, socks can make your feet comfortable and supportive as well as provide good protection from any feet problem such as blisters, fatigue, and pain.



Final Words

If you read the above article then you already got to know what socks to wear with air force 1. You may feel confused about what socks to wear with your AF1. That’s why the socks expert tried to make it easy for you. I hope now you will be able to choose the right color of the socks for your air force 1.


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