What Socks To Wear with Jordan 1? [Socks To Match Jordans]

Jordan 1 is a very popular styling of sneakers from Nike. Though there are more styling is also available on Jordan. But Jordan 1 is the most popular because of their attractive design and comfortability. Whatever, you obviously need to wear socks with them. Well, what socks to wear with Jordan 1? Isn’t it confusing? Ok, don’t worry about this.


Nowadays if anyone has a pair of Jordan then they feel proud to have them. Because Jordan 1 is the trend of modern styling and it includes everything that sneakers wearer needs. It has an excellent design that makes it perfect to wear anywhere anytime.


Your feet will feel extra cushion, comfortable, supportive, and protective after wearing Jordan 1 with a pair of good-quality socks. Without socks, Jordan 1 won’t be complete. You must need to choose the right socks depending on the Jordan 1 height, color, and above all 0your outfits. Then you will be able to get good quality socks for Jordans.


But if you feel helpless to choose the right pair of socks for Jordan 1 then this article will guide you on how to choose the right socks for Jordan 1. In the below article you are going to know about this matter. I hope this article will help you to choose the right socks to wear with Jordan 1.




What Kind of Socks You Should Wear with Jordan 1?

Well, in this article we have discussed specifically about what socks to wear with Air Jordan 1. We also have another article about the best socks for Jordan shoes. You can also get more information from that article. Whatever, you like to know about what kinds of socks you should wear with jorden 1.


That’s why we have written this article only for you. I am sure you will get the proper information from here that you really try to find. Well, Jordan 1 is also known as Nike Air Jordan 1. These sneakers are most popular with people who love to stay comfortable while doing any indoor or outdoor activities.


Especially for the basketball players, air Jordan is highly appealing for them. Mainly, air Jordan 1 comes with ankle height measurement; most of them stay over the ankle and some also stay below the ankle. Now, what styling does Jordan have in your collection, and for how many hours do you wear them every day?


It really matters to find the right socks. Also, why do you wear Jordan 1, and what socks to wear with Air Jordan 1? You also need to find that question before purchasing any socks for them. Air Jordan has an ankle-height top and you should wear high ankle socks with them. You can also wear crew socks with them.


Well, another important thing is, why do you wear jorden 1? Do you want just spend a casual day or do you want to wear them for exercise? Most people choose Air Jordan 1 to play basketball. So, what is your reason to wear jorden 1 sneakers? If you just spend a casual day with your friends then you can choose a pair of thin socks.


But if you want to play with wearing Jordan then I suggest you choose the thick pair of socks. So that they can absorb the sweat and moisture. As well as thick pair of socks can provide extra cushion and comfort which can prevent high impact. Thin socks can keep your feet safe from making blisters while walking but you need thick socks while playing.


Well, the height of the sock is also very much important. You can choose the height depending on your shoe’s height. Though most people love to wear high ankle socks with Jordan 1. Because the top part of the Jorden 1 touches your above ankle. After continuous friction between your shoe top and your foot skin, they can make blisters. That’s why you should wear socks which stay over the top of the shoe.


So that they can keep your skin protected from continuous friction. So, you can wear Jordan 1 with ankle socks also you can wear Jordan 1 with no-show socks if the height of the shoes is low. However, materials are the most important thing to consider before buying any socks for jorden 1.


Because if your feet get sweaty or wet then you will feel discomfort. If your socks won’t absorb the sweat and moisture then you won’t be able to wear them for the length of the day. That’s why materials are the most important to consider to find the right socks for Jordan 1. Well, there are some common materials that are perfect for the socks for the jordans.


Cotton, merino wool, nylon, polyester, and spandex fibers are some good materials for socks. Whatever, I prefer to wear socks that are made with a blend of cotton or wool, nylon or polyester, and spandex fiber. This blend of materials is able to wick the moisture and dry quickly. Also, they are able to provide a good cushion, comfort, and support to your feet. So, you can also try to find the socks for Jordan 1 which are made with this blend of materials.



What Kind of Socks Did Jordan Wear?

I think you like to know what kind of socks did Michael Jordan wear? Well, his full name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan and he is famous for his initials. He is an American businessman and he has another identification. Michael Jordan is a former professional basketball player.


Most people have curious to know what kind of socks did Jordan wear while playing basketball. Especially who love to play basketball and Jordan is their favorite player. Well, basically people notice that Michael Jordan wears jordans with low-height crew socks during playing. He also loves to wear compression crew socks.


Because he also needs support and protection while playing. A pair of compression crew socks provide a perfect fit. As well as compression socks also provide arch support. Whatever, you may know that a pair of compression that offers a gentle level of compression is also able to increase blood circulation.


This helps to recover and prevent foot fatigue & pain. Your feet will get so much impact during playing basketball and a pair of cushioned compression socks can prevent impact. That’s why most of the time Michael Jordan wear compression crew sock while playing basketball.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What color socks to wear with white Jordans?

A: If you want to wear white jordans then a pair of white socks will be the perfect match.


Q: What socks to wear with Jordan 1 low?

A: I prefer to wear crew socks with Jordan 1 low. Whatever, you can also wear ankle socks with them.


Q: What socks to wear with Jordan 1 mids?

A: If you have mid-height Jordan 1 then you can pair crew socks with them. So that you can get full support and protection.


Q: What socks to wear with Jordan 1 and shorts?

A: It is excellent to wear Jordan 1 with shorts. With them, you can wear crew socks. It will go perfectly with shorts and Jordan 1.


Q: What socks to wear with Air Jordan 1 low?

A: You can wear ankle or crew socks with Air Jordan 1 low. Both heights will be perfect for low-height Jordan 1.


Q: What socks to wear with Jordan 1 high?

A: Jorden 1 has different heights such as low, mid, and high. If you have a high Jordan 1 then a crew sock will be the right choice for you.


Q: Can you wear Jordan 1 High with shorts?

A: Yes, you can wear Jordan 1 High with shorts. Then you should pair crew socks with this outfit.


Q: Can you wear Jordan 1 casually?

A: Yes, you can wear Jordan 1 with any type of casual outfit.



Final Words

You have Jordan 1 which means you love to play basketball and Michael Jordan is your favorite player. Well, I think you had confusion about what socks to wear with Jordan 1. That’s why you have got this article.


However, I hope after reading this article all of your confusion has gone. The socks expert team will be happy if this article helps you a little bit. You can also read another article about socks on this site which can increase your knowledge and you will get to know more interesting things.


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